tsumami kanzashi online school one shot lesson

Cosmos 秋桜

Cosmos is a familiar flower in Japan that blooms from the end of summer to autumn.

In Japanese, we write Cosmos in Chinese characters,

”Cherry Blossom of Autumn.”

Japanese at that time must have associated cosmos with cherry blossoms when they saw it coming from overseas.

In This Lesson:

We will make a cosmos corsage!

Required Technical Level : Beginners~

You can learn : Application of maru tsumami, how to make the base for tsumami, easy assembling (how to assemble the flowers into a corsage)

tsumami kanzashi online school one shot lesson

Pricing Plan

The access period for this course is one year from the date you sign up.

tsumami kanzashi online school one shot lesson

Message from the teacher to you....

This lesson is the next step for those who have taken the free trial lesson to enjoy!

Cosmos petals are made using a technique based on maru tsumami. The surface of a cosmos flower is flat and straight, and it requires a special technique to make it the same way with tsumami zaiku. 

In this lesson, you will learn this special technique. By learning this, you will be able to easily create a variety of maru tsumami and enjoy your tsumami zaiku even more!