A great chance to learn
the traditional technique of the craftsmen
in front of you!

Don’t worry I support you!

Tomomi Yamashita, Instructor

I am a certified instructor in Japan and have hosted workshops for some 500 visitors from over 30 countries around the world to pass on the traditions. I also launched a portal site of tsumami zaiku to share all the information on tsumami zaiku for people to enjoy. And now, I am so excited to share “how to” and tips to make tsumami zaiku. Come and join us to make beautiful tsumami!

Studen't Voice

From Indonesia

 Even from the first contact through exchanging registration emails, I can already feel a warm welcome. They are very helpful in arranging the time and place for our face-to-face lesson.

Beginner to Advanced lessons went very smoothly, all materials were readily prepared beforehand. Seeing the folding techniques right in front of your eyes really makes a difference in my learning. To be able to converse directly with the teacher is really a huge plus too, I learn a lot about the history of tsumami zaiku and can share their passion for the craft. The teacher is very fluent in English so we have no trouble chatting about various topics.

Going to Japan and learning from ITA and getting teacher certification is definitely one of the best decisions I made during my tsumami zaiku journey.

Student's Voices

  • From Germany
    Participating in the Tokyo Tsumami Zaiku face-to-face Basic/Middle/Advanced Course was a fantastic experience.
    The courses offered a systematic approach to learning traditional techniques in English, with all tools and materials thoughtfully prepared.
    My teacher was not only kind and patient but also incredibly knowledgeable, guiding me through tools, fabrics, various folding techniques, assembling, and adjusting.
     I learned a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed the courses. Looking forward to exploring more available course

Our Workshop Studio at Asakusabashi

Asakusabashi is famous as a handicraft town. You will find many shops with crafting components, fabrics, etc.

Location: Aoi-kai Studio 葵会(Tsumami zaiku Workshop Place).
See map at the bottom of this page.


1-33-3 Asakusabashi,Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053 JAPAN

3 min. walk from JR Asakusabashi Station (The next station after Akihabara, JR Sobu-Line)

2F of the building. *Chinese Restaurant in 1F