ITA Official Teacher`s Certification Program

coming on 2022!!

ITA Official Teacher is the person who has reached the standards of the traditional techniques and is certified by ITA (International Tsumami zaiku Association) .

Students who completed all three courses (Basic, Middle, and Advance Course) can apply for the teacher certification exam.

Benefits To Be A Certified Teacher:

  1. You can hold workshops under the name of ITA Official Certified Teacher.
  2. Purchase materials at wholesale prices
  3. Your profile will be listed on the ITA website as "ITA Official Certified Teacher.”(You can also post your brand name etc. )
  4. Will have chance to attend the special workshop by the craftsperson in Japan for special price.

ITA Official Teacher`s Certification Evaluation Criteria

1. Technical review

 The students will be required to make the specified items. The skills learned in the 3 courses will be checked with photos.


2. Creativity

 The students will be required to create an original tsumami kanzashi within the given conditions.


For evaluation, we require you to send photos of the works, and will review and give feedback on them. (You may be asked to rework for what you made.) The final review and evaluation will be done in an online interview.

Exam will start from next year, 2022!