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Post your original sakura tsumami!


Let's make and post your sakura tsumami together and make this sakura season more exciting!

This event is a part of the Tsumami zaiku enlightenment activity to wish for the development of Tsumami zaiku and share sakura tsumami with people in Japan and all over the world!

Any kind of sakura tsumami is acceptable.
Let's post many sakura tsumami and bloom them on Instagram!

How to post:

Post your own sakura tsumami on your Instagram with the hashtag #sakuratsumami2023

Submission deadline

April 15,2023

Special Favor :

US$10 off coupon for Tsumami kanzashi School Online video lessons to all the contributors.

This event is organized by

-Aoi Kai @aoikai_tsumamizaiku

-International Tsumazaiku Association (ITA) @tsumami_kanzashi_school_online

-Tsumazaiku Habutae shop OTEHIME @otehime.habutae


The Only One English Course

of The Traditional "Tsumami zaiku" Methods

"Tsumami zaiku" is the Japanese traditional craftwork used in the Kanzashi of maiko (geisha aspirants).

"Tsumami" means “to pinch”. It is made by pinching and folding cloth with tweezers like an origami paper.

It is the only Japanese traditional craft anyone can enjoy as a hobby.

Welcome to the world of beautiful “Tsumami”!

tsumami kanzashi online school

Passing On The Secret Techniques

You can learn the traditional techniques that the craftsmen have verbally handed down to make "Tsumami zaiku" look beautiful with our 83 tutorial videos.

  1. How to use the tools correctly
  2. How to handle delicate traditional cloths, chirimen and habutae
  3. How to fold the petals to make them look beautiful
  4. Techniques to make it look three-dimensional
  5. How to assemble and adjust a Kanzashi, etc.
  6. How to make butterflies, leaves, sagari, etc.

Tsumami Kanzashi School Online Trailer

tsumami kanzashi traditional methods online school

1. The Traditional Methods

~Starch Glue Method~

Based on the method of Kinuyo Tomura,

the Master Craftsman who is engaged in it

for more than 60 years.

tsumami kanzashi English online school

2. The Only One Online Course In English

(83 video tutorials will support you)

From beginners to experts, course for all level students!

The videos are finely divide,easy to find the point you want. Use it as an online dictionary of tsumami zaiku!

tsumami kanzashi online school lifetime access

3. Life Time Access

~By Your Own Pace~

Learn and improve your skills with our turtorial videos as long as you like.

tsumami kanzashi online school material

4. Materials Included

In The Courses

Materials for each main lesson(Basic,Middle,Advanced course only) will be delivered in a set!

Same materials used by Japanese craftsmen.

Will be shipped by EMS.

*Due to worldwide logistical disruption because of Covid and the war, arrival is significantly delayed or stopped in some countries.

Fabric color in the materials maybe different from tutorial videos due to variation between lots.

tsumami kanzashi online school cetified teacher

5. The Path To Be

A "Certified Teacher"

Students who complete the entire course can take the Certified Teacher Certification Exam online.

tsumami kanzashi online school zoom


6.Review and Follow up


You'll have to select it as a separate menu item,
the instructor can review your work, or checkpoints you are unclear about, depending on your needs.
This is for those who want to talk with the instructor in real-time!

It will be a good opportunity to ask questions, get feedback on your work, or get tips on how to get better!

Hi, I’m Rei Furuya, Traditional Tsumami zaiku Artist and Professor

Welcome to the delicate and beautiful world of tsumami-zaiku!

I have learned the traditional skills from Ms. Kinuyo Tomura, an Arakawa Ward-designated intangible cultural property holder. I have been teaching more than 1200 students as a certified teacher in Japan to introduce the delicate beauty of tsumami zaiku. I am also an artist, making traditional tsumami kanzashi as well as tsumami zaiku accessories that can be used in daily life. Let's have fun together!

Welcome! I'm Tomomi Yamashita,

ITA Representative Director

I am a certified instructor in Japan and have hosted workshops for some 500 visitors from over 30 countries around the world to pass on the traditions. I also launched a portal site of tsumami zaiku to share all the information on tsumami zaiku for people to enjoy. And now, I am so excited to share “how to” and tips to make tsumami zaiku by online. Come and join us to make beautiful tsumami!

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1. I want to try it! But it seems difficult....

Don't worry! Even if you are a complete beginner, the curriculum is designed to help you get started right away. If you have any questions, you can always ask the instructor.

2. Isn't the price too high?

If you can speak Japanese, you can of course take lessons in Japan from a craftsman. But he/she is not an instructor and will not teach you every single step. They just briefly explain the points and let you do the rest by yourself. (This is the craftsman`s way of teaching) For 6 days, you will need a budget of about $1000. So the price of thes course are reasonable because it includes videos, textbooks, and lesson kits.

3. What are the advantages of learning by video?

Aren't face-to-face lessons better?

Face-to-face lessons are certainly fun! But if you miss the moment, it's impossible to remember it after the lesson. On the other hand, with video, you can watch the instructor's hand over and over again. The videos are designed for reviewing, so you can use them like a dictionary. You can also learn at your own pace. If you get anxious, you can ask questions to the instructor and get a review!

4. what is the traditional technique?

It is a Japanese craftsman's technique using starch glue that has been used for 200 years. You will be able to make even delicate fabrics quickly and beautifully. Our courses are designed so that anyone can learn the secret techniques in an easy-to-understand manner, satisfying both beginners and experienced students.

5. What to do if I don't have a starch glue?

Those of you who don‘t have the starch glue can make it!
Check out the below video and you will know how to make it easy.

How to make the starch glue for tsumami zaiku

To ensure that emails from our school are delivered correctly,

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