Maiko Kanzashi in January
~Plum and Pine~

In this series, you will learn how to make seasonal kanzashi for maiko. Pine, Bamboo, and plum are considered to be good luck charms. Pine trees are evergreen and do not wither even in winter, which means " long life". Plum bloom first in early spring which meaning "integrity and long life.

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You Can Learn The Craftsmen's Methods

The craftsmen's methods are characterized by their ability to create beautiful tsumami zaiku quickly and in large quantities, and they choose the most efficient processes to achieve this. You can learn these methods.

Making Various Parts

We will learn how to make the bases for Pines and Plums, how to make gold thread wires, and how to make Plum blossoms.

Making The Plum and Pine

We will learn how to make the Plum and Pine by using traditional techniques. Pine is usually made by maru tsumami technique but this time, we will be using ken tsumami technique.

Assemble Into Kanzashi

We will learn how to assemble many tsumami flowers and leaves one by one. We will lecture some important technique such as order to assemble, length of the wire part, and etc.