Maiko Kanzashi in February
~Plum Kanzashi~

In this series, you will learn how to make seasonal kanzashi for maiko. Kanzashi for February is Plums.

In the Nara period (710-794), plum blossoms were loved as a flower that announces the arrival of spring.
Because it has five petals, the flower is called "gofuku," which means five blessings, a good luck symbol.

This motif is also used in tsumami kanzashi because it is associated with the five blessings of life:
longevity, wealth, health, liking virtue, and fulfilling one's destiny.

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You Can Learn The Craftsmen's Methods

The craftsmen's methods are characterized by their ability to create beautiful tsumami zaiku quickly and in large quantities, and they choose the most efficient processes to achieve this. You can learn these methods.

Making A Triple-layered Plum

We will learn how to make a triple-layered plum flower by using special wired base to maintain the weight and shape of tired tsumami.

Making Buds and A Branch for The Plum Flower

We will learn how to make two types of bud and a branch for the plum flower by learning craftsmen's traditional technique.

Assemble Into Kanzashi

We will learn how to assemble into kanzashi by using flowers, buds, and a branch.