"Tsubaki" Camellia flower in Japan

Camellias have long been loved by people as a tree of good luck.

Because it does not lose its leaves in winter, it was used in Shinto rituals as a tree with spiritual power and to ward off bad luck.

Camellia is also called the flower that announces spring because it blooms in the season that welcomes spring.

In This Lesson

Required Technical Level : 

Middle level~

We will learn how to design Camellia flower by using maru tsumami (round figure) technique and learn the wire works as well.

Making The Camellia Flowers

We will learn how to form a figure of camellia flower deforming the maru tsumami (round figure) technique.

Making The Leaves

We will learn the wire works by making two different types of leaves. These techniques will be useful for making other items.

Assemble Into The Kanzashi

We will learn how to assemble flowers and leaves using a thread. This is the technique of the craftsperson in Japan.


Our Price

The access period for this course is one year from the date you sign up.