Crane for Japanese

In Japan, cranes have long been said to be a bird of good luck.

There is a saying, "A crane lives for a thousand years, a turtle for ten thousand years," and the crane is considered a symbol of long life.

The crane, a good-luck charm, is also a motif used in tsumami kanzashi for celebrations like weddings.

In This Lesson:

We will make a "Crane and Plum Kanzashi"

Required Technical Level: Middle to Advanced level~

You will make two types of plums with special flower cores using embroidery thread, and the basic style of the crane by using our original pattern base.

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Making The Head and
Legs of the Crane

You will learn how to make the base of the crane, and how to make the legs with wires.

You will also get to know how to make head and neck of the crane by using gold thread.

Making The Crane

You will learn how to make crane by using tsumami zaiku technique. There are some important tips to make the feathers look lively.

Making The Plum Flowers

You will learn how to make double-layered plum flowers and simple plum flowers by using maru tsumami technique. Also, you will learn to make a special flower core by using embroidery thread.

Assemble Into Kanzashi

You will learn how to assemble plum flowers and a crane to form a nice piece of tsumami kanzashi.