Let`s Try Making Your Own!

This is the best and easiest way to get to know about traditional tsumami zaiku.

You can briefly learn......
  1. How to prepare the glue
  2. How to hold the tweezers
  3. Two basic skills for tsumami zaiku

And make a cute flower with small leaves!

Example of Use

For Wrapping....

For Table Cordinate...

For Accessorry...

Prepare Tools and Materials


Tweezers (straight and thin),
small wood board,
starch glue.

or ( You can replace with )

Tweezers (straight) ,
something flat (like CD case) to spread glue,
butter knife,
craft glue.

7 pieces of 2.5cm square cloths,
18mm paper round base,
small pearl (something for flower core)

If you would like to have a kit,

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