New Year‘s Hagoita

"Hagoita" is a racket for playing with shuttlecock balls and is painted directly or decorated with puffed fabricpictures called "oshie" and etc. It is given to a girl on her first New Year's Day, with the meaning of wishing for her healthy growth.

In This Lesson:

We will make a New Year`s Hagoita

Required Technical Level : Middle level~

You can learn : How to make a double petal plums, how to “hashi-kiri” (technique to adjust height of tsumami) how to form bamboo and pine leaves, and how to make a “hagoita” base.

Making The Base

You will learn how to make

a base for hagoita step by step.

Making Tsumami

You will learn how to make petals of the plum,

how to make leaves of the pine,

and how to make bamboo leaves.


You will learn how to arrange

plum, pine and bamboo to

finish the hagoita.

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