Gingko Tree for Japanese Culture

Ginkgo trees have been popular in Japan since ancient times, and are planted for ornamental purposes as street and park trees, as well as in temples and shrines. In autumn, ginkgo trees turn yellow and many streets are colored golden. In this lesson, we’ll make ginkgo leaves using maru tsumami and hashikiri technique.

In This Lesson

Required Technical Level : 

Middle level~

We will learn the "hashikiri" (lowering the height of tsumami) technique and how to settle maru tsumami (basic round shape) on the special base.

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Dyeing The Cloth

We will learn how to dye small pieces of squared cloth to make ginkgo leaf design.

Making The Leaves

You will learn "hashikiri" technique (lowering the height of the tsumami) and how to settle tsumami in the form of a ginkgo shape.

Assemble Into Kanzashi

You will learn how to assemble ginkgoes into mini-kanzashi.

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