Goldfish for Japanese Culture

Goldfish have long been a popular summer symbol in Japan.

They are used in designs for “yukata” (summerkimono) and uchiwa (traditional fan), and goldfish scooping is popular among

children at summer festivals.

In Japan, red and black goldfish are common; red goldfish are believed to bring good luck, and black goldfish ward off misfortune.

In This Lesson

Required Technical Level : 

Middle level~

We will learn how to deform maru tsumami (basic round shape) and hida tsumami (pleated form) to make a well designed and gorgeous goldfish.

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Dyeing The Cloth

We will learn how to dye small pieces of squared cloth in three ways to make a head, fin, and tails for the goldfish.

Making The Goldfish

You will learn to deform the basic maru tsumami and "hida" tsumami (pleated tsumami) to make parts of the goldfish.

Form Tsumami Into Goldfish

You will learn how to form ready-made tsumami into a gorgeous goldfish.

Lesson Curriculum