You Can Learn

1. Advanced level of traditional techniques
(flower bud, double layered ken tsumami, using stacking base)
2. How to assemble in a modern way.
3. How to create masterpiece of tsumami kanzashi

      Goal for this course

Develop the skills of assembling.
Ability to think and create contemporary style of artwork.
To complete making the traditional master piece of kanzashi.

tsumami kanzashi online school Advanced course
tsumami kanzashi online school Advanced course

Plum Blossom Corsage

In this lesson, we will make a lovely corsage using Habutae. The main flower is a double layered plum flower, with layered leaves, and small buds.

 There are three points to learn this time: how to make the double-layered ken tsumami, the buds, and how to assemble it into a corsage using paper tape. It will be modern way and this technique is more simple to assemble flowers.

tsumami kanzashi online school Advanced course

Chrysanthemum Kanzashi

In this lesson, we will be making traditional tsumami kanzashi based on a work by a master craftsman named Ryunosuke Yokomizo, who is said to have made it around 1939-1940. The new technique we will learn is to use a stacking bases to make the petals look flat, but most techniques will be review of what we have already learned. To make this kanzashi, we will be using more than 200 pieces of habutae cloths.

1on1 Zoom Session

After completing all the assignments, you will get a review from an English-speaking instructor in the zoom session. 

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Price For This Course

Please enroll in the course with the materials for those considering taking the ITA Certified Teacher's license.
(If there is a concern about the shipping trouble, please contact us beforehand.)

Feedback From Student

From the USA

This course is a wonderful for those wishing to learn how to create stunning kanzashi with habutae silk.
Learning how to make a double layered petal is challenging however it is well worth the effort.

The video once again provides step by step instructions and walks the student through the process.

The finished kanzashi is something the student will be proud of and once again all the needed materials are provided.
Once the student finishes this course they will be able to create many flowers, leaves and buds and will be much more confident in tsumami zaiku.

Course Materials Available!

You can choose to have materials for the lessons included or not!

You can make authentic Tsumami-zaiku with materials used by Japanese craftsmen if you choose to get a set of materials.

*Fabric color in the materials may be different from tutorial videos due to variations between lots.

Materials will be shipped via Japan Post.

*Due to Covid 19 and the war, in some countries, the shipping of materials has been stopped.

Please contact [email protected] before your enrollment.

tsumami kanzashi online school Advanced course